Saturday, January 5, 2008

Not quite "The Carlyle," but we call it home.

Today was the first day we called Archstone home! (Many, many thanks to our family for helping us move boxes in the rain.) And though, its a small one-bedroom apartment that costs more each month than our home in Mesa, we still love it! Its clean and quite (except for the occasional airplane), and a good fit for our commutes to work -- with one going up the peninsula, and the other either in san jose, or on the east bay.

We try to make use of our work-out room, but since its been cold or windy we haven't taken advantage much of our pool. Perhaps this summer. :)

Btw, THE Carlyle is our rival apartment complex down the street. We believe THE Carlyle to be quite high-brow, and rather snooty, for no other reason but for the name of the establishment, and the fancy-ness of its front gate. "We shall have to write more on this fine dwelling in a latter post." (To be read in a snobby British accent.)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

U-Haul's-Eve Party!

Ask us sometime about our drive from AZ to CA, and our experience with returning our U-HAUL on New Year's Eve. You won't be disappointed with the story!