Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching up

Here's a few things that have been going on lately...

(out of order of course...I hate how blogger adds pictures to the top and not the bottom...anyone else or is it just me??)

1-I'm growing. I just started using this rubberband trick. It is wonderful.
If you havent used it and are pregnant, try it. If you're not pregnant and dont know about this trick, remember it, you'll be glad you did! #2-We planted a little garden on our porch. We have some pansies, cilantro, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, bell pepper and squash. We'll see how they do. Some of the pansies have already died believe it or not. As far as I know pansies are supposed to be really easy to grow, but I think they need full sun and our porch doesnt have that so I'm blaming our lack of sun, not my gardening skills. Is that wrong?

I'm sure we'll have to do some re-planting or trans-planting as the plants grow. The tomato plant is almost as high as the railing already after only about a week and a half!! Then for my favorite thing so far...picking fresh cilantro as needed for our dinners. Love it!

(This picture doesnt count as a # but I thought some of Jason's family would like this picture)

The story goes that Jason made some peanut butter cookies back in high school and did some serious smacking in the kitchen while his sister Michelle tried to take a nap on the couch. And then loud enough so his sleeping sister could hear he said,"Peeeeanut-licious!" And thats how "peanutlicious" came about. Of course it can be adapted to whatever you are smacking on at the time :)

#3-We found a new favorite burger place. St. John's Restaurant in Sunnyvale. They have 1/2 price burgers on Saturdays. We had a delightful lunch a few weeks ago eating on the patio. The weather was warm and perfect. The burgers were great, especially the spicy "Beg for Mercy" Burger, right Jason??

#4-We went on a great hike (Mission Peak) a few weeks ago when the weather was warm. The hills were still green and view was spectacular. This is me choking on my water but the concentrate on the view :)

We saw a few cows

and turkeys

cool views

and more turkeys.

And we even found a Geocache! What is a geocache you might ask. I did. I shouldn't have though since I'm married to a geographer :). Its a box full of stuff to be found by posterity or the next hiker, maybe like a time capsule. It had a few things that people had left (I cant remember what though) and a pad of paper to write a little message.

I decided to write a little note. And Jason left his "For the Strength of Youth" Pamphelet inside the box for the next visitor

Taking a break. I loved this hike but it was quite steep and I am out of shape. I should've worked harder at getting in shape before I got pregnant, what was I thinking?? Here's my belly starting to stick out :) Also a huge shout out to Jason for staying with me and being understanding when I wanted to just do the loop instead of going all the way to the top.
I know he really wanted to go to the top. I think getting burgers afterwards may have made up for it though :) I know I'm a light weight, dang!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Tradition

Last year we decorated Easter cupcakes instead of Easter eggs. We let them sit out on our counter and they turned into Easter tie-dye melted mess. This year we were smarter. We put them in the fridge. Jason is definitely the creative one here. See the plain ones, those are the those I did, until I realized we were trying to be creative :)Basically Jason is just a big kid which is one of the reasons why he's so much fun. Look how happy he looks frosting his little cupcakes

Then we let the kids decorate the cupcakes,

show the cupcakes off,

and of course, EAT the cupcakes!

Ella and Carter


Abram with a mouth full of cupcake

I let Ella take our camera for a few minutes and this is what we found....Ella and her cute bunny ears.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wedding, Home & Springtime

Here's a few things from about a month ago but for posterity I wanted to post them. Jason and I were lucky to be able to come home for Katie and Tony's wedding. Of course we squeezed some friend and family time in too!!
We decided to visit my brother Todd at the Coffee Bean where he works. Our presence was defintiely known in this small, quaint, yuppy, Scottsdale establishment :) Usually people come in one by one for their morning coffee, but we came in a group of 7, stroller and all for our fruity drinks (not coffee) which were delicious by the way. I wanted to get a picture of Todd behind the counter but I thought that might have been too much :) The weather was perfect to sit outside for a mid-morning smoothie.

Mom, Dad, and Kaleb

Katelyn, Carter, Jody and me.

silly kids in the car

cute kids in the car

We also celebrated Katelyn and Kaleb's birthdays by going to the Olive Garden. No, Kirk did not lose his front two teeth, just brownie :)

Now for the main event...

Good thing I wasnt the photographer because somehow I didnt get a good picture of Katie and Tony, what?? The wedding was very nicely put together and the reception was so perfect I thought, with fancy cakes (which I didnt get a picture of), dance floor, live salsa music, great food, beautiful bride and gorgeous weather.

I wish you could see Katie's dress better. It was so beautiful. Katie always has such great style.

Now for my favorite wildflower...The Bluebonnet

My love for these wildflowers started on my mission that I served for my church in Houston, Texas. There are huge fields of them everywhere in the springtime. Again, somehow I did not come home with any pictures of them.

I tried to grow them in Mesa and Salt Lake when I came home from my mission but I was never successful....but my mom was. My mom grew this one Bluebonnet in her backyard. I was so thrilled to see one after all these years. Also my cousin Cameo lives in Houston and had tons of Bluebonnet pics on her blog. Check it out. In fact below is a picture I "stole" as a sample (thanks, Cameo)

The California Poppy is also becoming one of my favorites. I just planted some vegetables and herbs in a box on our porch. More on that later...
Isnt Spring wonderful!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Exciting News!!

We are expecting our first baby in September!!!

I am 15 weeks along...and starting to feel growing pains :) It will probably be another 5 weeks before we know if its a boy or a girl. Yeah!!