Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hi Belly!!

Due to high demand, here are some recent pics of Jeanna's belly. I think she looks great!
Cute Belly next to our red wall.

Cute Belly with our laundry in the background.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Empty Nesters

We had some little visitors stay with us on our porch for about a month or so. One day I went on our porch and found this in my bike helmet. I guess we dont ride our bikes enough :)

Then we saw the mommy and daddy dove come sit on their babies everyday. Their sitting schedule was quite regular. As soon as we'd get home from work, we'd sit on the couch and wait for the trade off. It usually happened between 5:30 and 6pm every evening.

And then one day the eggs hatched... and then they grew and became these little birdies.

Then one day we noticed that one was gone. It was time for these little birdies (or chickens, as Jason liked to call them) to grow up and leave the nest. We were lucky enough to catch the last one as he flew away. He jumped out of the nest/helmet to the bike and then flew away from our little patio.

We felt kind of sad when we came home from work and didnt have our little birdies to watch anymore. But it was fun while it lasted. We were happy to have them. And yes I did get a new bike helmet :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

So we took a ton of pics in Maui, and I'm sure we'll post more soon. But here's a taste from the underwater camera we had. This shows Barrett and Mindy getting geared up for some snorkeling, with our unbrellas in the background.

Here's Mindy underwater.

Barrett underwater.

Jeanna underwater.

And here we are, chasing a cool turtle.

...and here's Jason chillin' with the turtle.

Barrett is seriously AquaMan! He took this pic of us while laying on the bottom of the ocean floor, (I'm guessing about 40ft down at this point!).

Some other misc pics of the trip... on the Road to Hana, Sunrise on top of the volcano, Sunset at Lahaina, the view from our Waikiki hotel., walks, hikes, beaches, friends, laughter...

Such a fun time!!

Barrett&Mindy posted some more pics on their blog. It was their last big trip before Mindy entered the CHP Academy, and our last big trip before we enter the world of parenthood! :) It was so fun to share such an awesome trip with them, and hope it is the first of many more to come.