Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentine's Day at HP Pavillion.

Well actually it was a week later. But on Valentine's Day I gave Jeanna tickets to the SAP Open in San Jose. It was a really fun time.
Like most things we do, we forgot to take pictures, but this one photo kinda shows how we saw the court. (Not our seats, but about the same distance.) The one photo shows how it looked if we were sitting on the net! The upclose photo also shows the dude who won the whole thing; we got to see him play in an early round. (Jeanna has a huge crush on this guy.)

//from jeanna// I think I need to comment here. I have a crush on Federer not so much Roddick, although he is entertaining to watch. I do love to see them play against each other. Here is one of my favorite clips. Its great tennis combined with a little humor :) We did get to see Andy Roddick play in San Jose. We had a great time! Thanks Jason.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Why aren't they rescuing us?!"

Jeanna is such a great sport! We got her a board from a local board shop, and went boarding. It was a great first day for her, and it was a beautiful day... except for the blizzard part! :)