Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Belly go bye-bye...

The truth is, I'm gonna miss this.
Here is a picture I took of Jeanna "hiding" behind a wall, trying to scare me, but not realizing that I could see her belly from a mile away.

But really, Jeanna is such a beautiful mom-to-be. She has been such a champ these past 9 months, and has really been blessed with a wonderful pregnancy. It has been a fun time for both of us. But tomorrow the belly goes bye-bye, and we say hello to baby Jake. Tomorrow morning we are scheduled to go to the hospital to welcome our baby boy to our family. We are so thrilled!

We'll keep you all posted.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

40 Weeks!! (tomorrow)

So the baby is due tomorrow... (so excited!)
For belly-comparison's sake, here's a pic of Jeanna today, wearing the same dress as the pic we posted 5 weeks ago.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, False-Alarm Day.

The fun started when I left work at lunch to go with Jeanna to her "possibly last" doctor's appointment. Dr. Graven informed us that Jeanna was progressing along like a pro, and was confident that Jeanna would go into labor soon, and all will be well.

So we celebrated by getting some Gelato! (We go to this Gelato place often after Dr. appointments, but figured we better go this time for sure!)
Jason enjoying some gelato.

Jeanna enjoying some gelato.

After finishing our treats, it was such a nice day, that we decided to walk this baby out! So we went to nearby Vasona Park (in Los Gatos), and walked around the lake, until we were both pretty tired.

Then we discovered that the city was having an event in the park that night. So instead of going home, we took a ride on the kiddie train...

...then we got a hot dog and watched the kids on the merry-go-round...

...then we found a spot on the lawn to watch the movie they were playing (Tale of Despereaux).

But then Jeanna reported that she thought we should head home. She was feeling contractions about 5 min apart and we decided to go home and start timing them. By the time we got home and settled down, the contractions had stopped. We were both pretty bummed. We thought we were going to have a baby on Friday. But instead it just ended up being a false alarm... and now we don't know how that movie ends! :)

Hiking back up to where we parked the car.

No baby tonight... but a fun-date night regardless!

We'll keep you all posted.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saying goodbye to an old friend...

Yes, I am talking about my Honda Civic.She was getting old and had a lot of miles on her. Her paint was fading and her name tag even popped off. Then one day her timing belt broke and that was the end. The end of an era with my civic.

This is not the exact car but it helps me remember her since I didnt get to say proper good-byes. The side of the freeway just isnt the best place to say farewell.

Here she is after our wedding reception

I wish I had more pictures of her.

And finally here she is at her old home in Mesa.
I spent a lot of time with you and you wi ll be greatly missed. I guess its time to move on though. You were wonderful while you lasted and I truly loved driving you. Thanks for all your hard work all these years. Good-bye.