Saturday, November 14, 2009

Muir Beach

Our baby is so patient with us...

He allowed us to drag him out of bed early this morning (paybacks for all the early mornings he wakes us up!) and we went on a little drive up to Muir Beach, just north of the GG Bridge. We (Jason) had a little trail run event today, that a few friends in our ward signed up to do. We enjoyed some of the greatest views of the coast, and the bay... but earned everyone of them, b/c we had to hike/run/walk up a bunch of steep hills to get there! It was really fun though.

Here are a couple of pics of us hanging out at the beach after the run...

And here's one of Jake wearing typical Bay Area beach attire. No swimsuit and shades... it is more like sweatshirt-and-jeans-weather around here -- though today was actually beautiful weather!
An all-around fun day!
Thanks for being such a great baby Jake!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Baby Blessing.

This Sunday was Jacob's baby blessing.
We were lucky enough to have family come into town to share the experience with us - Grandma and Grandpa from Mesa, other Grandma and Grandpa from Gilroy, Cousin Stephanie and family from San Jose, and many of Jake's uncles, aunts, and cousins from around the area were in attendance.

And now a close-up of the star of the show!

Jake looked so handsome in his blessing outfit. It was a combined effort from his mama (who found a shirt that was a perfect fit), from his Aunt Jody (who made the vest, bow-tie and pants), from Grandma RuthAnn (who loaned her sewing machine), and from Grandma Dot (who did the last minute alterations).
Three Generations:

Baby and Papa:

Jacob's awesome Grandparents:
Thanks again to all for travelling to share this special day with us. And a special thanks to Aunt Shelly for hosting dinner at her home after. We love you all.


Baby says, "BOO!"

Jake's 1st Halloween costume was a oversized onsie that read "I Love My Mummy." (Donated by his cousin Kaleb.)
And here is our first Halloween Family Portrait.

Costumes provided by Grandma and Grandpa, who came to visit for the weekend. (Do you see any family resemblance?)