Sunday, November 25, 2012


 The Rasmussens came to visit us for a few days and it was so much.  It was my birthday while they were here.  I had such a great day!  We went to the beach in the morning and then to our favorite taqueria for lunch!  We even got the Fangers to come play with us too!  When we got home the kids watched Phineas and Ferb while the adults relaxed and napped. What could be better?   Then Jason made me a yummy chocolate cake and we had Costco lasagne (which I love for two reasons:  its so good and so easy!) for dinner. 

The next day we went to Alcatraz.  It was a bit of a challenge with the boys.  I'm sure we are in the background of many tourists pictures and I'm sure we ruined a few too.  But overall the boys did pretty good considering its not really a toddler's venue :)  This is our second time to Alcatraz and we have almost gotten to hear the full audio tour :)
We went to the city on a Tuesday so the crowds were minimal.  We drove straight up to Lombard Street and got to go crookedly down without any waiting!  Pretty fun and crazy!  My thoughts were who really lives on Lombard Street??  These houses must cost a crazy amount of money and who would really want to live on these crazy steep streets.  I'm surprised the parked cars dont just roll down the streets.  Crazy!  I really love my flat street. 

Taking a second to enjoy the moment with the boys.  We have been potty training Jake and he's been doing pretty good except its hard to get him to go when we arent at home but he went in the toilet at Alcatraz of all places.  Luckily we had some nice strangers who let us cut in line.  I was so proud of him!

Bathtime!  Too bad Sammy already took his bath :)  And for modesty purposes Katelyn opted out of this photo shoot.  All the cousins played so well together.  It was so fun to have The Rasmussen's at our house for a few days!

Thursday, November 1, 2012



A few more Halloween pics

Jake was disappointed today that it wasn't still Halloween.
He loved walking around the cake walk at our ward party. And Sammy loved his sucker

Trick or Treat!!

Jake was Clifford the Dog and Sam was superman and a skeleton. Sam was a lot happier in something that seemed like regular clothes