Monday, January 26, 2009


We went to Tahoe with the Fangers and had a blast!

Ben "the Ninja"

Ella throwing snowballs

Ben & Michelle

Jeanna & Michelle talking about our new skills we learned in our snowboarding class

Jeanna & Michelle in our class
ps-my arms are the normal length, I'm not quite sure whats going on there :) I hoping its just a bad angle, but I got a kick out of it :)

Cute Jason-Should this be the cover of a Ski/Snowboard magazine??
And unfortuneately I did not get any pictures of Ella and Abram learning to ski. They were sooo cute and such troopers especially when the instructor would tell them for the third time "just one more time". Luckily they did have a good time!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Katie's getting married!!

My friend Katie is getting married March 21st. I am very excited for her!! We had some great times Halloween a few years ago..."Scottsdale girls". (It was the only picture I could find :)) Congratulations Katie!

Dinner in Alviso

(Jeanna, Sister Alder, Sister Bender, and Sandy)

Sister Bender took us all out to dinner at Vahl's in Alviso last week. There were 4 women (pictured) and Jason. It was a great time...good food, good company, and karoake in the background. How could you not have a good time with these folks?!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


(Just thougth I'd write down a few of the things we loved about this Christmas)

Old Cassettes
When we were in Mesa we came across some cassette tapes from the past! They were of my Aunt Ruth, Uncle John, my mom and dad. Back before I was born they would sit around and record themselves talking and send them to their parents back in Idaho as a way to keep in touch. It was better than letters and calling long distance back then was really expensive. Here's some things I especially loved:
  • Their voices-they sounded so young and slightly Southern (I think it was the small town in my mom and Ruth)
  • Uncle John talking about calculator trivia (Ex. that 35108 spells Boise if you turn the calculator upside down :))
  • My mom talking about how my dad suggested that she throw a tupperware party, so she could get some free stuff. She said she earned $16 worth of free stuff so it was well worth it! :) Then while listening to the tape, my mom to pulled out the cake taker from her cupboard that she got 35 years ago from this very tupperware party :) Pretty funny.
  • How my mom said she "almost flipped" when my dad spent $.97 on a pack of only 10 cookies
It was so fun listening to this and also seeing my parents reactions from their conversations from the past. We all were busting up laughing!

Family Videos

My parents have always been good at video taping us as kids and then trying to preserve these ancient videos, filmstrips or whatever by transferring them to more modern technologies. This year my sister started transferring old VHS family videos to DVDs. We watched videos from 1973-83, including clips from my parents wedding. Very cool! Thanks Jody!

My parents made all the kids this 6 Generation Chart etched by the laser cutter and then put it in a frame. Now I have 6 Generations of family names right at my fingertips. I love it!

Christmas Cards

We love getting cards, pictures and updates from family and friends at Christmas time. I love being able to see them all at once!


Jason's parents typed out their testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ for all of their kids and grandkids (which is not a small task-there are alot!!). Their testimonies were a perfect addition to the Book of Remembrance that Ruthann made all of her kids years ago before I was in the family.

Kids at Christmas

It was awesome to see Katelyn's excitement and hear her comment of "Please, oh please, oh please dont be clothes" as she opened more presents from grandma and grandpa, but being grateful for them when they were, in fact, more clothes.

Spending time with Family & Friends

We felt very fortunate to be able to be with family this Christmas (both Eggers & Williams), and visit friends that we dont get to see or talk to enough (thank goodness for email, blogs, and cell phones!)

That's All!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Guess the Celeb...

So when we were in SLC, between Christmas and New Years, we encountered one of Hollywood's bright stars. (It wasn't even Sundance week!) I guess he must have been there for the same reasons we were: to hit the slopes ("Greatest Snow on Earth!"), to visit some friends, and to see the lights at Temple Square. Ok, not sure he did that last one... but who knows. I mean, I once heard that Mr. T is taking the missionary discussions, so I won't put past this guy to stroll around the Salt Lake Temple at Christmas. But I'm not one to start rumors …unless it is funny.

Anyway, here are our attempts at being Paparazzi in the SL Airport. We were trying to indiscreetly take some pics of each other, with our celeb conveniently in the background. I’m sure he knew. But it was still fun!

Jeanna taking one of Jason, (Our celeb is in the waaay background, in blue, on his phone):

Jason taking one of Jeanna, (look how nervous Jeanna looks. Perhaps afraid of getting caught.)

Ok. Here's the best one we got. We know, it's almost the same quality of shot as any still image taken of Bigfoot, but try really hard... and think of a smash-hit NBC show.
Ok. For those who give up, scroll down for the answer...

...just scroll down...






OSCAR from The Office!!
(And no, that isn't Angela carrying the bags.)
So anyone else ever have a close-encounter with anyone famous? If so, any photographic evidence?

AZ and Utah

We spent Christmas in AZ with the Willilams Family. We had great times and it is always too short but here are a few highlights.

Polar Bear Club
About a month before we came to AZ, Jody relayed a message from Kirk to have Jason bring his swimsuit because he wanted to jump in the pool on Christmas Day and he wanted Jason to come with him. Well Jason was happy to help out.

Afterwards, Kirk and Jason reminisced about times when they had been in Reeeally cold water in the past and they both agreed this may have been the coldest, believe it or not! In AZ? who knew??

Kaleb making the biggest spaceship ever!


Isnt that the cutest smile ever! It is easy getting that kid to smile for the camera :)

Scott, Dani & Abby who's not looking

We had so much fun in AZ! We also had Christmas dinner with our cousins the Ensigns on Christmas Day, watched White Christmas, went to the temple, took family pics (sigh), played at the park with Carpenter's and Rasmussen's, visited Katie, had dinner at Tia Rosa's, saw the temple lights and just enjoyed our break being with family and friends.

Then we went to Utah...

Jason and I had fun driving around SLC and seeing our old stompin grounds, all of which never really collided while we both lived there at the same time. B&D Burgers was delicious, temple square was fun, seeing old friends was great, and enjoying the snow was fantastic (especially with the right gear)

LeeAnn, Staci, and Jeanna at Cafe Rio-Its hard to believe we've known each other for 7 years or more :) Unfortuneately Leslie couldnt make it but fortuneately Jason and I were able to go to lunch with her and Greg the next day :)

Dave and Jason at the McDonald's in Heber. Those basketball games were addictive...I had the record for about as long as those two could stand it and then my record was history

We stayed with the Lundberg's in Park City and then hit the slopes. We had so much fun staying with them and their kids. We especially enjoyed building a sledding run in their yard. Jason dug a pathway all the way up the hill behind their house. It was a blast!

Jeanna snowboarding

We also got to stay/visit with some of Jason's friends: Dave and Elisa, and DJ and Katherine. Thanks to everyone who let us stay with them and who took time out to hang out with us. We always wish we had more time but we enjoyed our holiday break!! And thanks to Michelle & Ben for driving us to and from the airport!!