Tuesday, September 28, 2010

End of summer...or is it?

It's kinda sad when summer is over and we throw away the cheap plastic toddler pool, and baseball season draws to end. (This is a pic of us enjoying a DBacks-v-Giants game when we were in AZ.)

But the great thing about this summer ending, is...it has just begun! (At least weather-wise.) You see, our temps in NoCal this summer were WAY below average, but the last couple of weeks in Sept have been scrorchers!

So looks like we may have tossed out that pool too soon, as the weather is giving us an extension! (By the way, the Giants may be getting an extension on their summer too. They won the game that we went to, in extra innings. And it looks like there is a strong chance for some October games for them this year. 'Root, root, root for the home-team!')

Looking at what I just wrote, I've decided Jeanna will be happy about this post for two reasons: one, b/c she loves the hot weather, and two she loves discussions about the weather.

So Jeanna, this post (and this delayed summer) is for you!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big-brother Jake says...

The ultrasound went well, and we are super excited to be expecting another little guy to our family!

(The due date is January 25th.)