Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Happy 1-year Anniversary!

We celebrated by going to BJs. Its sort of like an Oregano's (in AZ). Jason wanted to pick a restaurant that was similar to our first date (Oregano's) so that we could eat pizzookie. Mmm Mmm good!!

Jason was so sweet and got me some old wooden tennis rackets with the wooden holders, which I think are so cool. (he got them at Goodwill-the perfect place for old vintage stuff. My plan is to some day hang these on the walls of our future garage along with old license plates I've been collecting). And he also gave me a Hawaiin Christmas music CD since last year we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii. We enjoyed listening to the local Christmas radio stations in Hawaii. One of our favorites was the 12 Days of Christmas, Hawaiian style. For example, "on the 5th day of Christmas my tutu gave to me, 5 big fat pig" was an often quoted line.

Here's the book I gave Jason. I was so proud of this and it turned out really great! I also had a lot of fun making it. I made a Shutterfly book from wtih pictures and memories of when we were dating up until we got married. I would recommend doing this for anyone who's not really a scrapbooker but wants to have your pictures all in one place. And it didnt take very long at all! (of course we didnt have that many pictures)

On our way home from dinner we stopped by a local churches re-enactment of the nativity story. Thanks to Jason's seminary students for telling us about it. It was really cool. The pictures are backwards but we started off seeing the live camels out front, full size and baby, then we were ushered in by the Roman soldiers. This church built this little city "Bethlehem" to look like the Bethlehem of old. Mary and Joseph rode into town on the donkey, went to the census, tried to find a place in the Inn, and then found a place in the stable. I thought this was such a nice reminder of why we really celebrate Christmas.


Entrance to Bethlehem, with soldier (these guys were funny and were a nice touch for security and crowd control I thought)

Baby camel

Mama/Daddy camel
I feel so very lucky and blessed to have Jason in my life. He is such a blessing to me. He makes me want to be better than I am but loves me for who I am, he is so fun and I just love being with him. I'm excited for this next year and what it will bring.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Home for the Holidays

Jason and I had a great time decorating our little apartment for Christmas. Although this is technically our 2nd Christmas together, it feels like our first because last year we didnt really have a real home of our own til January. The best part of this was that Jason had it all started when I got back home from working out (which happens a lot less than I'd like). I love to turn off all the lights in the apartment except the Christmas lights...I think it feels so relaxing and homey.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Here were a few highlights of the Thanksgiving weekend.

perfectly warm hot choc, good movies, Arrested*, pumpkin dessert, driving to Folsom, eating turkey, making the lids fly off of Martinellis bottles, Jeanna and Hal getting all wet, throwing the football, chatting in the kitchen, desserts at Mark and Ronali's, Josch's ordination, hanging Laurie and Hal's lights, sleeping in, playing farkle, basketball, leftovers disguised in yummy casseroles, Reflections exhibit at the Mormon Center, Get Smart, 10+ people squished on one couch, visiting Rob and Christy at their new cabin, using the chainsaw, watching Jason and Dave shoot off nails into the forest, gassy noises, eating Wendy's delicious crepes for breakfast, and hottubbing.
*Clarification :)-Arrested=Arrested Development