Friday, August 21, 2009

Art Weekend

This last weekend one of my best friends came for a visit. Of course the excuse was to come take some art classes in San Francisco but we all know the real reason she came :) She also brought her good friend Shannon. We had a great time touring around and of course learning something artsy :)
Tara and Jeanna at Fisherman's Wharf

Tara, Jeanna, and Shannon on a cable car. The line was way too long to take the cable cars so we ventured out and took the buses instead. Much better idea.

Here was a new cool place we found. Yerba Buena Gardens right next to the SF Museum of Modern Art. They had these cool fountains. This is the view from the inside/underneath.

Interesting civil rights information underneath/behind the fountains

You can walk behind these fountains and find those views from above. Pretty cool.

And theres the SFMOMA. We spend a fair amount of time in the bookstore...cuz it was free :)


Tara in Chinatown missing her 3 little monkeys at home.

Finally we did ride one of the cable cars. It saved us having to walk up a really steep hill. Thanks little cable car.

After a fun day of walking around the city, Jason met us in North Beach for dinner. We had delicious Italian food...AND we got to sit down for awhile...heaven!

Here we are relaxing and eating. I'm sure Shannon's picture of this turned out much better since she just got a new fancy (DSLR) camera.

The next day we went to the art classes that were the reason for the trip. Shannon and I ventured out while Tara was in a class and found a few cool spots. We drove down Divisidero St, (note to self: this road is veeeerrry steep!! Next time go a different way. Those steep roads scare me to death. Luckily we were going down not up) through the Presidio, stopped at Chrissy Field, and found some cool bike trails for next time. Then we picked Tara up and headed home for some napping, eating and hottubbing. Good times. Thanks for coming guys. You are welcome any time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last night Jason and I drove out where there were few city lights and watched the meteor shower. Unfortuneately the picture above is not from our camera and the show we saw was not quite as active or amazing, but we did see quite a few flashes of light. We put our blanket in the middle of the road and laid on the hard pavement and waited for our meteors to show themselves. (dont worry we were just inside a closed gate so no cars could accidentally run over us :). I cant remember ever seeing so many at a time. It was so relaxing (even on the pavement) to be out away from the city (sort of), listen to the sounds of nature, smell the summer air and even get a cool breeze as we watched natures fireworks in the sky. Thanks Jason for helping me stop and appreciate the simple things in life.
Did anyone else go out and see the show??

Monday, August 3, 2009

"Who You Gonna Call?!!"

We had fun on a double-date with Rob and Christy this past weekend.

Dinner at Shadowbrook, in Capitola, was very good!

The we went to the Boardwalk to check out the Free Summer Concert.

And I'm not ashamed to admit that Ray Parker Jr and his band rocks the house!! (or in this case, the beach.)

Then after walking around the Boardwalk, and blowing a bunch of money at "BREAK A PLATE!", we capped the night off with some dessert at Santa Cruz Diner.

Very Fun! Thanks for the good times Rob & Christy!

"...I ain't 'fraid of no ghost!!!"