Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Sam is 3 months...and he is getting to be quite a big kid. We weighed him the other day and he is almost 16 lbs!! He is such a good baby. He's a good sleeper and just really calm. He's trying to roll over and holds his head up pretty good. He has the cutest little smile. His face always lights up anytime someone comes over to talk to him.

Chillin' with big bro.

Jake endearingly calls Sam "Sazz Sazz". Jake is very sweet with his little brother

Sam loves his Aunt Shelly


Here's Jake at the Easter Egg Hunt:

"OK so I'm supposed to do what?"

"Yes!! I got one!"

Enjoying his 2 tootsie rolls.

Enjoying his chocolate bunny that the Easter bunny brought him.

Some cute things that Jake has been doing lately is that he is starting to sing along with his movies, and he calls balloons, "boobs". Jakes been really sick the past week with pink eye and really crusty boogies so we've been wiping his nose alot and his nose is really sore. After we wipe his nose we say "is that better?" And now he says "betta" everytime we wipe his nose even if we dont ask him the question. Its really cute but sad that he's so sick. He also says his cousins names constantly throughout the day...Ellya (Ella), Abes (Abe), and Matts (Max), and he says Aunt She-ie for Aunt Shelly every time he sees a mini van. He loves his cousins. Jake also calls his bottle "bottlelala" and sticks out his tongue as he says the L's. Its pretty funny. He also says "Idun-no" (for "I dont know") just randomly throughout the day. He's pretty smart. He loves to do his ABC flashcards and he knows all his letters and sounds. When he says ABC's, he says the "a" like in cat, not "A" like in plate.

Famous Jake

The Saturday before Easter we walked over to the local park for the city Easter Egg Hunt. We had a great time. Jake didnt care all that much but he did get to put an egg into his little Easter basket


meet the Easter Bunny.

Jake was in the Easter Paper on the front page of the local news section. Pretty cool!!