Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sometimes bad things happen to good people

Sunday morning we got in Jason's truck and he realized that the tank was on empty, very empty. We decided we wouldnt be able to make it to church so we turned around and got my car. Meanwhile Jason came to the conclusion that someone had ciphened his tank. I thought that was a little unlikely but I was then convinced when we got out of the truck to switch cars and the gas tank cap was open and off! So we went to church a little awestruck that someone would actually do this. Anyway long story short, Monday we borrowed a neighbors gas can to fill the tank up a little so Jason could make it to the gas station. We soon realized, by the gas spilling on Jason's feet, that our little thief not only stole our gas but ruined our gas tank. Lovely.

Jason did a lot of calling around to figure out how much this would cost...not cheap. Alot more than the value of that tank of gas thats for sure (even at $4 a gallon). Well what we learned from this was that even though crappy things like this happen sometimes, it made us see how generous and willing people can be to help out.

We were very grateful for those who helped us out during this inconvenience
  • our neighbors for lending us the gas can
  • our mechanic who went out of his way to find a used tank which took the price down by half
  • Jason's co-workers who were willing to stay a little later at work and fight worse traffic on their way home so that he could carpool.
  • Caltrain :)
  • Our apartment complex for throwning in this garage for free :) Kinda cute.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gilroy. The Garlic Capitol of the World!

This year I got to experience my first Garlic Festival. People drive from all ove the Bay Area for this. Its quite a big deal actually...for Gilroy anyway. It was a hot summers day, something I've been looking forward to for a long time (I've been told its been an unusually cool summer this year). It was warm, we ate good food, and had great company. Luckily Jason's parents live a few blocks from the festival so we didnt have to worry about parking and traffic. It was fun to go with Jason's parents. It was also fun to see all the snow cone/water stands on the sidewalks along the way.

We started our experience with some really garlicy garlic bread, then we had the some frozen lemonade, perfect for a hot day!
Next was the corn on the cob dipped in garlic butter. So good!! Then we sampled the garlic ice cream. This was actually fairly good, believe it or not. It was basically a hint of garlic followed by yummy soft serve ice cream taste. The garlic did not linger as it usually does. Or maybe it was more potent but our taste buds were already consumed with garlic so it may not have been a fair test.
We finished off by having some awesome pesto pasta, garlic cheese steak sandwich and buttery, garlicy sateed button mushrooms. "They were buttonlicious!" (thats a direct quote from Jason). Sound like a lot of food?? Just for the record. we did a lot of food sharing :)

Ruthann, Larry, Jeanna and Jason

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Alaska...Juneau

Some perspective. We rode up this tram and went on a really awesome hike at the top of this mountain.
Nice self portrait

Mendenhall Glacier

Views of the glacier from the air. This was definitely a must see. It doesnt get any "cooler" than this.


Leaving Vancouver on our Alaskan cruise. This view is a courtesy of Dave and Wendy from their balcony suite.
Christy and her wood chip that she got at the Lumber Jack Show
Rob, Christy, Jeanna, Jason, and Michelle on our beautiful hike through the rain forest of Ketchikan.