Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Be Prepared

I found this link on a friends blog and thought it was really interesting regarding all this bailout stuff. Kinda scary! Check it out. What do you think??


I dont think anyone really knows how all this will affect the U.S. in the long run but I do know that we are living in hard times and we need to be prepared as best as we can. I have recently re-visited getting our 3 month supply together. I found this great blog thats been helping me tackle our 3 month supply. Its straight forward and simple...just what I need. If anyone has any good blogs or websites that have helped them or ideas, or recipes for non-perishables, or whatever please share.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day Outing

Jason got us Improv tickets in San Francisco so we decided to make a day of it.

This is what happens when Jason forgets his sunglasses :) He wears mine. Is this funny or what? I can't not laugh.

We strolled through the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park. They have all kinds of plants from all over the world. The weather was pretty nice, kinda cold, but I dressed appropriately so I was nice and warm :)


The Improv show was here. (In the building, not on the bay or in the boats)

We had a great time at this little Thai place that we found as we walked around the city. The food was good, the atmosphere was romantic and quaint, the presentation was creative, the water in the bathrooms was warm, and the company was great! We werent thrilled with the dessert options so we decided to walk back and get a treat at the Safeway across the street from the marina. Soft baked chocolate chunk cookies won. We ate them as we walked to the show and talked about how the name "bay window" was probably coined partly because of "The Bay" in SF. Although one of us (not me) thought it was ridiculous. I thought it made sense especially since there are so many "bay" windows in SF. Anyway the show was pretty entertaining and it was just a really fun night. Thanks Jason. I love you!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Rassie's visit

The long awaited visit finally came to pass.
Jody & Kirk got in the mini-van and drove from Mesa to Gilroy with 3 kids.
They survived and we all had a great time.
We went to the Aquarium and Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, stayed with Grandma & Grandpa Eggers in Gilroy, hung out on the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, fed carrots to albino deer, made green smoothies, played games, and ate too much candy!
Rasmussen's by the Boardwalk

Loving brother and sister by the Boardwalk

Watching taffy being made and some silly faces

Kaleb & Jason on the Carousel. I didnt really care about any of the rides except for this one. This is not just any carousel, it has a little ring dispenser and as you go around you can reach out and grab a ring and then try and throw it into the clowns mouth thats painted on the wall. I just thought it looked like fun, I never really thought I'd actually hit the jackpot! Whoo hoo :)


Kirk. Enjoying a free moment.

This is Jody and Carter at a little diner right by the Aquarium. It was the perfect place to eat! And thanks to Mrs. GPS, she helped us find it. Too bad it was after we drove around Monterey a little while and past the same McDonalds about 3 times :) (this was of course before we remembered we had Mrs. GPS at our fingertips). Every time we would pass the McDonalds Kaleb would say "oh look another McDonalds!" Finally he said "Wow this place has a lot of McDonalds'."

Wow! Look at those antlers! I wondered if he ever got too carried away trying to get carrots from tourists near the fence and got tangled in the fence. He seemed to have pretty good antler awareness amazingly enough.

Cute Kaleb

Silly Kaleb

Cute Katelyn

Silly Katelyn
I love you guys so much. Come visit again!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My wife rocks!

She just does. When I go to church, or to the movies, or to the ghetto KFC on Homestead Road, I'm so lucky to have this woman sitting next to me. I'm so lucky! She really rocks! And she is my favorite person to dunk under a waterfall! (See clip.)

Pay attention to the squealling and shouting. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Way to go Cardinals!

Cardinals vs. Steelers I've never really been that into the Super Bowl, however I thought it was great that the AZ Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl! Being an Arizona sports teams fan in general (especially the Suns!!) of course it caught my interest when I heard that the AZ Cardinals were, in fact, going to the Super Bowl. What a surprise!! They've never been known for being a great team but I thought they represented AZ and themselves very well. I only watched the last 5 minutes of the game (which we all know is about 30 minutes or more) but I thought it was very exciting and they played a good, hard game! So way to go Cardinals!! Maybe next year!