Monday, November 24, 2008


Has this ever happened to you?

A few days ago Jason and I were sitting in our apartment and our neighbors above were making some stomping noises or something.

I said jokingly, "Dont they have any consideration..."

Jason looking confused said: "What does that have to do with it?"

Jeanna: "What?"

Jason: "Did you just say," Dont they have any kids that are Asian?"


Jason: "oh con-sid-er-ation"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tree video

One more thing...

Dont miss the grunts...listen closely :)


Jason was very thoughtful and got me flowers and a book on tape for my long commute to work. We also considered our Redwoods trip, my birthday present to both of us. A few days off work is the best present for anyone :)

We finally used our gift certificate to Morton's Steakhouse that we got for our wedding. It was a very nice dinner, the best steak I've ever had, and I'm not a huge steak girl but this filet mignon just melted in my mouth. It was quite pricey even with the gift certificate we thought but this is the type of thing you only do if you have a gift certificate so it was fun, and we got a free dessert and a picture to show for it :)!


Birthday Getaway

Jason had Tuesday off for Veterans Day so we decided to make a long weekend out of it and take off Monday too. We headed up north to the Redwoods. We ended up in Humboldt National Park and camped amongst some huge trees. Here's some highlights of our trip.

Drive thru tree

Veterans Day Parade in Petaluma-Jason loves this picture :)

As authentic as a tree house gets...and Jason on the second floor

Another drive-thru tree

Jason fixing his bike tire so we could do some mtn biking...or should I say flat road biking :) and that was because of me. Jason is so patient with me. My biking skills arent what they used to be :)

Yes those are some ginormous roots. I took a hike to see where the tree ended, it was longer than I thought.

We saw some really awesome Fall leaves.

Our campsite
We enjoyed some awesome tin foil dinners, hot chocolate, s'mores, light rain at night, learning how to put up our new tent (wedding present from Ted & Stacy) in the dark, and Jason making sure our bikes didnt get stolen. Before we went to sleep the last night we thought we heard someone in the truck...of course that's all it takes and then every noise is a bike thief, right? Later in the night, Jason woke up with a loud Whoa!!!! to scare off our burglars and nearly scared me to death. Come to find those noises were probably our neighbors :) How much different things seem in the light :)

Jason driving through the drive-thru tree...slowly

Just inside another tree...doing some exercises, or something

Beautiful scenery and great photography...for not stopping.

This concludes our tour of the Redwoods


I've never actually done one of these...Thanks Michelle for the indirect tag :)

10 Things I Can do
  • Make potato salad
  • name any band/artist to most songs on the radio old and new
  • play the hymns on the piano
  • laugh at myself
  • put a good book down
  • remember faces and names from years ago
  • spread out my toes so that they look like fingers
  • Spell
  • Sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and "Love One Another" in Spanish
  • procrastinate

10 Things I Can not do

  • Listen and do other things
  • watch movies without falling asleep or getting sleepy
  • hang up clothes after I wear them
  • stand the sound of a plastic spoon scraping against styrofoam!
  • re-call good stories on command
  • drink milk with dairy products
  • swallow big pills/vitamins
  • wait to have kids
  • resist laughing at the cute things kids say
  • not talk to Jason atleast once on the phone during the work day

Anyone who wants to do this, consider yourself tagged...then comment so I can read yours .

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Pack of 4 Crayons

Colors include:

Jaundice, Bahama Sea, Coffee Break, Midnight Blue

Sunday, November 2, 2008


October 24, 2008, my Grandma Wynn Fresh passed away. She was 95 years old. Although we were all sad to see her go, we know that she is in a much better place. It brought me a lot of peace to think of the great reunion she must've had with all her family. Her parents had passed away about 50 years ago and she was the last one of her immediate family to leave this earth. What a great example she was of service, faith and hard work.
She always had her green Chevy Caprice full of her friends (many who were younger than she was) that she would drive to church every week. I remember once I got to squeeze into the taxi with everyone:) Grandma was such a hard worker. I remember her cleaning our windows with newspapers to get them extra clean. I learned that she would do some of my cousins chores when she would come to visit, either I dont remember her doing mine or I was too quick to do them (wink wink). She was also a wonderful gardner. She always had a huge garden and could make anything grow. She also loved little children. Even in her later years she would still sit on the floor and play with the kids. They all loved her. She served 2 missions, got married at 29 and still raised 5 kids. She loved to go to the temple and serve the Lord. Everyone who knew her loved her.
I was so grateful to be able to go to her funeral in Emmett, Idaho. It was nice to spend time with family. I'm so grateful for eternal families.

Kim Blackwell (cousin), Jeanna, Todd, Jody, Carter

Phillip & Tami Johnson (cousin), Dustin, Kim (cousins), Todd, Jody, Carter, and Dad
Outisde the church
October 31, 2008
Todd, Grandma, Jeanna, Scott

Grandma Fresh, Dad, Katelyn, Kaleb, and Jeanna at the Mesa, AZ temple. It was fun to go to the temple in the spring time with Grandma when the flowers were all a bloom... she could tell you the name of any flower.

Mothers day a few years ago
Me and Grandma