Friday, August 22, 2008

San Diego was great but where is the camera?

So after our Alaska trip I decided that I wanted to document our travels a little better. So when Jason had a work conference in San Diego, I was excited to try out my new goal. Well now I cant find the camera and I'm pretty sure that its lost. I've looked everywhere and even called Southwest Lost and Found, and nothing. Although I will say that its amazing what you can find on the internet. Now I can somewhat document our trip :) These are a few pictures that were on my camera...where ever it is :( There also would've also been pictures of Jason and some of his GIS buddies. It was fun to hang out with all of them and get to put some faces with names.

We stayed in this hundred year old hotel in the gaslamp district. It had tons of character and was a great location to Jason's conference and to Seaport Village. Jason was in San Diego all week and I was able to fly down Tuesday night. A few mornings I woke up and went running through Seaport Village right along the bay. It was quite nice however, I did come to the realization that I need to exercise more. Jason usually took a long lunch and then he would be done early so we had time to play.

Here's our old fashioned bathroom. I felt like I was ringing for the butler every time I flushed the toilet :)
This is what our room looked like except not as pink or flowery. I think this picture must be from the 80s. We also had a cute balcony where I could read my book. One side note: On our last night we had a nice little fire drill at 4am or should I say false alarm. I guess someone was smoking in their room. I was amazed at how reluctant I was to believe that it was for real and that we needed to leave. We casually walked downstairs in our pjs. We were grateful it was a false alarm. We went to Coronado Beach, La Jolla Beach and Pacific Beach. All were great but I think La Jolla was my favorite. We saw the sunset and it was just really beautiful.
This is what one of our pictures on our lost camera looked like I'm sure :) La Jolla at sunset. I think that land sticking out in the background is where you can see the seals...and smell them too :)

And finally, one last picture that is forever lost is of the outside of Tadashi Sushi in La Jolla on Prospect Rd. We both really liked this little place, so if you're ever in La Jolla and feel like sushi, we'd highly recommend it.